Thursday, January 29, 2015

LENR Energized Caribbean Nation?

A United Caribbean Nation. Well, why not?
The existing political leaderships across the independent islands will tell you the status quo is just fine.
Young educated people will ask that it be debated now. And, the next generation of voters will demand change.

The small resource-poor island nations are caught between Canada, the United States and Mexico trading under the NAFTA flag (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the dominant South American nations of Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. Continued economic separatism in the midst of giants will never break the chain of poor job prospects and low wages. Economies of scale in administration, in trade and in clean energy distribution are essential.

Caribbean nations can join in grasping the benefits of emerging LENR technology, while surrounding countries struggle with the legacy of fossil-fueled and radioactive energy generation. As the islands did with communication technology in the banking sector, so can they do in agriculture, manufacturing and transportation -providing they lead the way by adopting affordable energy technologies. And, following close behind cheap energy, comes LENR-powered intra-island mobility of goods and people. With consolidations and mobility comes improved funding of larger universities and an influx of high-skills jobs.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactors are affordable, clean and distributed energy sources particularly suited to multi-island deployment. Industrial Heat LLC of North Carolina, will soon be reporting on a 12-month run of a factory heating plant. Where there is high heat output there will be supercritical steam for turbines to generate elecricity.

So, with carnival antics behind, let the debate begin. And, if an energetic islander with vision, charisma and resolve emerges to convince all islanders that they can best reach their full potential by pulling together then, surely the 2ist Century belongs to the Caribbean Nation. Needed now is a radical restructuring, rather than more band-aid layers.

If the pursuit of affordable energy proceeds, then the long-term solution to island poverty lies with voters and the collective foresight of a federation of govenors who no longer bow to Big Oil's dictates.

PS #1
To replicate Dr. Peter Gluck's blog style, let's toss in a motto:
1. Adapt, and adversity will reveal its upside.

PS #2
For the many who wonder what the LENR fuss is all about, start with E-catworld's Knowledge Base list, and a Wired UK Magazine article by David Hambling.
Here's one from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, celrbrating a most important anniversary:

Datelines September 2014 & January 2015
Miami Herald highlights appeal by some Caribbean nations to the UN for continued support.
In January 2015, the Herald reports the USA promotes its LNG as a solution to the energy crisis across the Caribbean. Meanwhile, advocacy for a United Caribbean Nation replacing dependancy on fossil fuels with distributed LENR goes unheralded. The long-term solution to island poverty lies with the govenors collectively.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bill Gates Sees LENR as Timely Solution

On this blog, news clips about about rich gurus are usually relegated to Post Scripts on recent posts. Here's one by Bill Gates that merits a stand-alone caption. Thanks to reporting by LENR Forum, here are the significant takeaways from Bill's annual notes:

1. Cut fossil-fuel emissions NOW; else, global warming reaches tipping point within 15 years.
2. Thorium and new fission reactors with 15 years+ deployment are too late.
3. Hints that LENR is the best hope for solution to climate change and poverty.

Coal and oil were dirty 19th century fuels, nuclear was a faulty mid-20th century energy tech, and wind/solar are late 20th century intermittent energy sources.
How long before Richhard Branson and Armory Lovins -with their Ten Islands Challenge- join Gates in leap-frogging into the 21st Century with the New\!/Fire ?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Playing LENR Catch-up ...already

Norway is one of the few oil producing countries reacting to national challenges presented by the benefits of LENR energy. Canada and Venezuela remain paralyzed. Canada will soon find itself uncompetitive in international trade because of the high extractive and transportation costs of crude oil -relative to emerging clean energy sources. It is also saddled with highly expensive maintenance of aged nuclear reactors and their radioactive waste storage.

As early as the fall of 2013, this blog post alerted academic and political leaders to the need for pro-action. Not knowing, is no excuse for allowing the Canadian dollar and our standard of living to plummet along with oil revenues.

Playing catch-up with fast-moving competitors is tough. A place to start is to take a page or three from the Scandinavian playbook.

The networks of individual readers form a vast pool of influentials. They and the media are keys to unleashing a campaign holding the feet of sluggish politicians and scientists to the new\!/fire.
July 2015 Update
Further to Norway's alertness to LENR developments:\

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Motivational Messages

Important ideas are often outlined in short sentences. Students, teachers and word-smiths ably compress the essence of long notes into one-liners.
Back in 2007, Dr. Edward de Bono –of lateral thinking fame- challenged us to distill profundities into seven-word phrases. Dr. Peter Gluck, also an original thinker (and LENR energy blogger), practices the art at his Ego Out site.
From an extensive compilation of one-liners, here are some 7-word extractions to get inspired and motivated.

Dare to think and do new things.
Be a dreamer, but become a doer.
Learn from a good idea gone bad.
Find a nich, then scratch to win.
Use gift of words to lift others.
Do it now; not soon, not tomorrow.
Be a connector of ideas and people.
Sell the vision and build the team.
Spot the best ideas and adapt them.
Getting most out of every word pays.
Get informed and share what matters.
A good excuse doesn’t fix a problem.
It's never too late to quit smoking.
Chain smoke, go fast; be a satistic.
Think big. start small, but act fast.
The enriched mind is a powerful force.
Turn an ugly idea into elegant reality.
Never risk, and you’ll get left behind.
It's always impossible until it's done.
Become a serial producer of killer apps.
Solution applied too late is no solution.
Match ideas with action –spark with fire.
Apply your skills to problems that matter.
Get informed and then share what matters.
As you age, pass along those deep smarts.
Look for the low-cost and no-cost options.
Learners and leaders have a lot in common.
Adapt, and adversity will reveal its upside.
See positives in every person and situation.
Winning isn’t everything -but wanting to is.
Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.
Leverage best of existing with the emerging.
Let evidence and results shape your opinion.
The examined experience is the best teacher.
Education costs money, but so does ignorance.
To make connections, keep all pieces visible.
Scan,envision, focus, tinker, create and act.
Promote yourself by helping those around you.
Always bewary of asolutes & snap judgements.
Avoid good business ideas involving bad people.
Distance yourself from those who would belittle.
Help create work-place magic by working together.
Be agile, curious and interesting; else, mediocre.
Being right when authorities are wrong -dangerous!
Listen, read, analyze, process and make judgements.
Talent is worthless unless perfected and performed.
Preparation & choice, not chance determines destiny.
Be smart; discover & implement overlooked solutions.
Remember, great questions tend to beat smooth answers.
Facilitate review; reduce essence into one-liner notes.
Common Problems + Uncommon Solutions = Opportunity
Powerful Ideas + Powerful Resolve = Powerful Results

PS # 1
Here are seven connected sentences of seven words:

To be persuasive we must be believable.
To be believable we must be credible.
To be credible we must be truthful.
To be truthful we must be human.
To be human we must be engaging.
To be engaging we must be questioning.
To be questioning we must be attentive.

PS # 2
Presumption is what’s said is relevant,
What’s relevant is understood,
What’s understood is retained, and
What’s retained is usable and used.

PS #3
Hooked on quoting pseudo-profundities? A study by Waterloo University indicates,"Those more receptive to bulls**t are less reflective, lower in cognitive ability - numeracy, verbal and fluid intelligence), are more prone to ontological confusions and conspiratorial ideation..."
Spoof or serious research? Read more at:

PS #4
With info overkill, we're expected to publish our own obituaries in 7 words or less. Given medical advances, and (optimistically) 10 years to go, I'd settle for:
Lived 4-score and 10; didn't score much.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Connecting LENR Dots on the Energy Chart

At the beginning of 2015, three significant events appear on the energy front. The first and most noticeable, collapsing petrol prices -the next one, the prospect of patents and early commercialization of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) through successful replication attempts of the Lugano E-cat test -and the last one, prolonging the usage of fossil fuels.

While Industrial Heat LLC of North Carolina, is in the midst of a 12-month run to fine-tune a pre-production E-cat plant, California’s HH2 Energy Inc, markets an “air/water-inlet" kit, which it claims improves power and eliminates a vehicle’s tail-pipe pollutants. Their HH2 cells are not HHO or Brown's Gas products. The pressurized combustion chambers in a vehicle's engine, through a flash plazma process, apparently completely burns the fuel together with its carbon and toxic residues.

Connecting another dot ...if automotive engineers introduced pulsed magnetic fields, VOILA, LENR cars, trucks, trains and prop planes!

Read the HH2 hype here:

Dr. Zupancic, PhD lists 12 claims:

1. HH2 Cells create pure Hydrogen and Oxygen vapors from water on 12volts of power, these vapors when entered into the air intake of a combustion engine, eliminate most of the toxic poisons and smog causing exhaust gases from a tailpipe. Often showing low or ZERO NOX.

2. HH2 Cells cause total combustion of all fuel in a combustion chamber resulting in more power, more torque and best of all 20% or more of fuel economy.

3. HH2 Cells use pennies of water, on average 2 or 3 ounces in 800 miles of travel. Simple and fast installation by a trained installer.

4. HH2 Cells have no moving parts and our electrodes will not degrade during use. 2 year warranty, will not affect or alter any vehicle emissions systems.

5. HH2 Cells have been authorized for all vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, any engines and transmissions up to 20 Liters. Also works with CNG, LPG, Propane etc.

6. HH2 Cells work with any Diesel Particulate Filters keeping them clean and working 100% without needing to be removed for cleaning. Saves time & money.

7. HH2 Cells are perfect for use on School Buses, they clean the exhausts of toxins, improve the MPG by 20%++, increase power and performance, eliminates the stinky diesel exhaust smell from the tailpipes.

8. HH2 Cells can qualify for Carbon Credits and Tax Credits for cleaning up GHG and other smog causing exhaust discharge. Fights Climate Changes.

9. HH2 Cells if used in high pollution areas, can help cleanup the air, due to the fact the incoming air into an engine is dirtier that the exhaust discharge from the tailpipe.

10. HH2 Cells will keep engine oil clean, engines run smoother and older engines perform like new again, as all of the carbon deposits are eliminated by HH2 Hydrogen and Oxygen gases entering the vehicles air intake to an engine.

11. HH2 Cells Hydrogen is 130 Octane, no need for high octane fuel, 87 octane or lower works fine, no changes to computers, sensors or other emissions equipment, will not affect a factory warranty.

12. HH2 Cells are being developed for Rail and Marine applications, Ships can run bunker oil at sea and have cleaner emissions, trains gain power to climb grades better due to the pure Oxygen boost, trains and trucks run better at high altitudes too.

Go to the E-catworld forum if you wish to follow the Lugano e-cat replication efforts by groups in Russia, US and elsewhere.

For progressive countries, LENR research and deployment is a matter of national security and industrial competitiveness. Only with voter concensus on the issue will politicians act.

CEOs and union leaders, as well as farmers, graduates and investors must keep informed of the unfolding ramifications -and wake up their Members of Parliament.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Identifying, Organizing and Connecting the Dots

Knowledge alone is not useful unless we make connections between what we know. Nearly everything new builds on what came before; nothing outside of chemistry and physics is entirely new.

Future breakthroughs will be sparked by identification, assembly and insightful connection of existing innovations. Such process involves more than amassing long notes from readings, conversations, or thinkering in the garage or at the computer. Condense is the operating word.

The more knowledge and experience acquired the more meaningful connections you can make. Spending some precious time building up notes on trending topics you are interested in can pay off in long-term benefits. When the time comes to make your big move, whether in consulting, startup or writing, reviewing old notes helps recall in making insightful connections to recently acquired information.

Always be alert to serendipity of accidental discovery. In a networked world it can happen by focusing on identifying dots and sharing skills and expertise –and by mining your own data. The challenge with the latter however, is in managing information overkill. Condensing notes into bullets or one-liners significantly reduces bulk and improves spotting those elusive dots. The selected items can be extracted and arranged in a separate file and access to background details is made easy by embedded links.

An example of an easy-on-eyeballs format is the January 2014 post titled, Networking Maxims. It is now followed up with a collection of maxims related to instructions and observations on organizing for innovation:

Collect and sift ideas.
Glean news that matters.
Make note-taking a habit.
To get ahead, scout ahead.
Translate words into action.
Failure sucks, but instructs.
Solve problem, sell solution.
Nurture accidental discovery.
Be a reader, thinker and doer.
Develop knak for synthesizing.
Imagine new uses for old ideas.
Turn constraint into advantage.
Combine old things in new ways.
Act fast, re-calibrate on the go.
Write it down and follow through.
Curse idleness, embrace challenge.
Mix, link, think, listen and learn.
Practice enlightened trial & error.
Experiment; be willing to be wrong.
Use technology to develop new ideas.
Convert good intentions into action.
Push beyond idea stage; do research.
Spot the best ideas and deploy them.
A good excuse doesn’t fix a problem.
Turn ugly idea into stunning reality.
A good idea is enemy of a better one.
Look for low-cost and no-cost options.
Identify and harness disruptive forces.
Build a functional and powerful network.
Beware of absolutes & snap judgements.
Pair ideas with action; -spark with fire.
If you have the most to lose, adapt fast.
Distill complex matters to their essence.
Assimilate the good idea, discard the bad.
Apply your skills to problems that matter.
Think around the corner &/or over the top.
Too often workable ideas get brushed aside.
Mistake: Find it. Fix it. Prevent it. Learn.
With mental notes the ink tends to fade fast.
The receptive mind is open to the unexpected.
Remember: Great questions beat smart answers.
Don't be intimidated by people smarter than you.
Leverage the best of existing with the emerging.
Track the latest high impact ideas –and innovate.
Keep intriguing ideas alive by tinkering with them.
Rare is there respect and pursuit of our own ideas.
The examined experience is always the best teacher.
There’s always a better way, Find it, then, refine it.
Even the best idea must compete for time & resources.
A brilliant thought not recorded is often lost forever.
On the way up keep to the high road; it’s less crowded.
Recognize & exploit previously undetected relationships.
Seek the best of what was and is -ignite what might be.
Insight arises from mistakes made and connections found.
Commit to making your idea work; else, it’s just a notion.
If your goal is success, don’t be distracted by social media.
Filter significant facts -those with impact- from trivial ones.
Be selective in collecting, condensing and sharing information.
Make novel connections by having all the playing pieces visible.
Many are smarter than you; outsmart them all by being prepared.
To facilitate review of long notes, put essentials into one-liners.
Spot trend. Anticipate curve. Get in the groove. And take the lead.
Let evidence and results –not expert opinion- shape your decisions.
If you're not great at anything, it helps to be good at many things.
Ask a lot of “why so”, “why not” as well as “what else” & “what if.”
Absorb what’s useful, discard what’s not –& add what’s uniquely yours.
For every problem there is a simple solution –but too late or wrong.
Always chose words soft & tender, for tomorrow we may have to eat them.
ExchangeMagazine carries an article by Professor Edward Hess, author of "Learn or Die." wherein he admonishes business leaders to build a culture where lazy thinking is snuffed out and big thinking is rewarded.
Let's use some of his "bold" headings in our notes:

Teach employees to work around their weaknesses.
Empower fast, cheap, customer experimentation.
Allow dissent to combat lazy thinking.
Turn mistakes into surprises.

Here is an early post that may interest new bloggers with strong points of view on seriouis matters: