Thursday, April 21, 2016

LENR - Nuclear - Grid = Economic Survival

Blackout and brown-out clouds threaten as North American legislators sweat over balancing stresses within the electricity grids while scheduling decommission of aged nuclear reactors.

A key element missing in the above articles: the emergence of cheap distributed electricity via on-site LENR plants for generation of electricity, heat and light installed by domestic and corporate consumers –thus making redundant the expansion, maintenance and rebuilding of legacy grids -as well as undermining any economic validity of a faulty nuclear industry.

Western countries will be slow to abandon coal and nuclear, get on with decommissioning, let alone address crippling grid problems. The Province of Ontario and the New England states are especially vulnerable, given the ages of their respective nuclear reactors. Sticking with expensive fossil fuels and nuclear ensures that many heretofore prosperous regions become tomorrow's rust belts.

Indeed, non-industrialized nations (unburdened by expensive nuclear and by legacy grids) are likely to become LENR-powered, and therefore lowest-cost manufacturers.

Before more assets are stranded, diversify -or better still, migrate.

Update: Albany, New York
Built 43 years ago, Indian Point is one of the oldest, most troubled nuclear plants in the US. Latest fault is steel blots. See subscription based article:

Back-flash to September 2015:
About the time the above formula for Economic Survival was entered, the Leonardo/Industrial Heat sponsored test of Rossi's 1MW reactor was nearly half completed. At this point, Fortune Magazine published an interview with an optimistic but cautious Tom Darden of Industrial Heat LLC:


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