Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Manufacturing Disrupt, LENR & COP-21

Here is a radical synopsis of an IndustryWeek magazine article.
Energy disrupt has been added as the unmentioned sleeper.

Digitized factories are coming. Still, despite advances in mobile collaboration, robotics and 3-D design/printing, few factories are digital from end to end. So, is it just hype?

The answer is, many have plans to adapt –and in the process, upset the market-place and force competitors to follow.


Readers of this blog will appreciate that disruptive technologies (including cheap, onsite LENR-type heat/electricity) are here today — and that for most large manufacturing operations, it becomes a case of adapt, down-size -or capsize.

Unlike general consumers, global manufacturers, large utilities and nuclear plant operators are well aware of the coming upset in energy generation, distribution and pricing.

Wereas Big Media and Science Journals do a good job of keeping their readers informed on the latest hot fission/fusion projects -and medical research- before the products are even near introduction, they will not touch LENR at any stage -research or engineering -let alone reporting on the wind-up of operational testing.

Well, cheer up folks. The politicians at the COP-21 conference are in high-five mood as Wednesday's draft of a global deal to fight climate change is readied. Such display of self-congratulation by big polluters from both developing and industrialized nations shows they are comfortable with their nations' respective CO2 reduction committments; secure in the knowledge that affordable, clean and non-radioactive LENR is the unheralded back-up.

Update: Saturday December 12th, 2015


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