Monday, June 15, 2015

Market-disrupting LENR Press Release Anticipated

In an investment note, economists Lang and Sweeney at Credit Suisse conclude, "The behavior of oil prices over the next few months “will have a profound impact on the wealth of nations.”
The pair do not speculate on what might cause oil prices to move further down or back up to fairly recent peaks.
Behind upward price shifts could be any of: war(s), major nuclear accident(s) and new oil spill(s). In the short run, OPEC seems to think holding to steady high oil production will soon force American frackers onto the rocks of bankruptcy.
As China and India move to a cleaner energy mix, King Coal is very likely to continue to lose market share. Investments in further searches for recoverable oil deposits will drop off over the next decade. Solar, wind and battery technology improvements over the next 5 years will continue, but will have a minor ripple effect across world energy markets.

So, what is the Black Swan that big governments, industrialists and investors know is swooping over the horizon -and that the advertisement-supported media delay in bringing to the attention of consumers and taxpayers? Here's the latest of energy events over the last two years that deserved coverage, but went unreported by big media:
The 19th International Confererence on Cold Fusion held in Padua, Italy in mid-April was missed as was this spring's announcement by Industrial Heat LLC of North Carolina that a 12-month test of their latest 1MW heating plant was underway in an operating factory.
This pre-production LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactor) plant test has apparently passed the half-way point in its shake-down run.

Undoubtedly, main-line media have drafted feature articles in anticipation of Industrial Heat's market-disruptive press release.

PS #1
A link to Tom Darden's key note speech at ICCF-19 can be found in this stale post:

PS # 2
Readers might try this link to Mr. Darden's speech:

PS # 3
On the day Londont berated big media for shunning coverage of LENR events, Canada's National Post asked readers to respond to the question:
“Is the government’s pledge to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by 2100 realistic?
See the early responses here.

PS # 4
Back on April 15th, The Associated Press' big story was on the North American Manure Expo. The AP editor-in-chief apparently dismissed the concurrent ICCF-19 Padua event as crap unworthy of spreading.

Up date # 5
Pending press release could include not only a high COP heating plant, but also one producing electricity directly:
says, Andrea Rossi
June 25th, 2015 at 6:45 PM

In this moment it is 07.40 p.m. of Thursday, June 25.
The MW E-Cat is in ssm and stable.
The Hot Cat is in ssm too, stable.
Fingers crossed. F9.
Warm Regards,

Both E-cat plants are running without continuous external heat; i.e., in self-sustain mode.
While replicators grope forward, Industrial Heat's cup runneth over.

Update #6 Jul 15, 2015
The Uk's Telegram reports that country risks freezing in the dark this winter. Excerpts:
“The underlying position of the network is becoming more and more fragile, which is requiring more emergency measures.
“The reason we have this issue is that the new build [power plant] programme is running late and the closure programme is running to time.”
"New solar farms had been built but that was “not useful on a dark winter evening.”


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