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From Horse Power to Atomic Power to LENR Pronto

The good old days enjoyed by our city-dwelling great grandparents were not all that rosy; get a whiff of reality from a few excerpts by author Eric Morris:

From Horse Power to Horsepower
“In 1898, DELEGATES FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE gathered in New York City for the world’s first international urban planning conference. One topic dominated the discussion. It was not housing, land use, economic development, or infrastructure. The delegates were driven to desperation by horse manure. the late 1800s, the problem of horse pollution had reached unprecedented heights ...American cities were drowning in horse manure as well as other unpleasant byproducts of the era’s predominant mode of transportation: urine, flies, congestion, carcasses, and traffic accidents…….
Wet weather turned the streets into swamps and rivers of muck, but dry weather brought little improvement; the manure turned to dust, which was then whipped up by the wind, choking pedestrians and coating buildings.
As difficult as it may be to believe for the modern observer, at the time the private automobile was widely hailed as an environmental savior……it seems highly likely that the environmental problems caused by the horse were far greater than those of the modern car. ...manure releases methane, a greenhouse gas eight times more potent that CO2…..
But neither draconian regulations nor disincentives for travel were necessary to fix the horse pollution problem. Human ingenuity and technology (enabled by government, which provided infrastructure and regulations) did the job…”

Early in the 21st Century, farmers use machinery to spread liquid and solid manure from their milk, beef and poultry factories.
The scourges of modern cities are vehicle congestion and air pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels in electricity generation and in powering internal combustion engines. Neither proliferation of radio-active nuclear plants nor massive deployment of solar and wind farms will solve our urgent global problems in a timely manner. The disincentives of Carbon Caps and a generational delay for an all-encompassing LENR theory are not tolerable given dire nuclear and environmental risks.

A quote by Dr. Edmund Storms in the previous post, Rush to Market in Absence of LENR Theory, bears repeating:
"The energy released by LENR involves no significant radioactivity
or harmful radiation, and the generators can be small and inexpensive.
Nuclear meltdown is not possible. Because the fuel is contained in
ordinary water, the energy would be available to all countries and
could be generated in each home or business. Such energy could not
be interrupted by weather, terrorists, or political conflict. Since CO2
is not produced at any stage in its use, LENR poses no threat to global
A rational person has to wonder why such an ideal energy source is not implemented immediately."

PS # 1
The Associated Press sees fit to spread the word about the 13th Manure Expo, but hasn't touched any of the 19 ICCF congresses.

PS # 2
"Once the world has fully accepted the E-Cat technology as legitimate and real, there will be an eternity for scientists to determine the precise reactions taking place. While that is taking place, Industrial Heat and any other companies they choose to associate with can further develop the technology so that it can enter the marketplace." –Excerpt from Hank Mills’Guideline Document on replicating the E-cat effect -April 25, 2015

Up Date June 1, 2015
A Florida University thinks Dennis Bushnell's speech to a group of 58 is worthy of reporting:
He mentions LENR in the context that the human race needs to start pursuing "new" paths for renewable energy.


At April 25, 2015, Blogger Alain Coetmeur said...

Opposition from mainstream science is very common (and forgotten quickly, as says Kuhn, and Taleb).
History of Wright plane, the real one, is funny and similar.

Innovation, beyond science is also not so easy.
The water mill was the LENR of middle age and did not develop easily because the lords and the architect had both strong character, huge ego, different vision, even if converging interest...

This is Why I think that LENRG can do much to solve that Archtect vs lord misunderstanding.... some say cicken and egg.


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