Friday, January 23, 2015

Bill Gates Sees LENR as Timely Solution

On this blog, news clips about about rich gurus are usually relegated to Post Scripts on recent posts. Here's one by Bill Gates that merits a stand-alone caption. Thanks to reporting by LENR Forum, here are the significant takeaways from Bill's annual notes:

1. Cut fossil-fuel emissions NOW; else, global warming reaches tipping point within 15 years.
2. Thorium and new fission reactors with 15 years+ deployment are too late.
3. Hints that LENR is the best hope for solution to climate change and poverty.

Coal and oil were dirty 19th century fuels, nuclear was a faulty mid-20th century energy tech, and wind/solar are late 20th century intermittent energy sources.
How long before Richhard Branson and Armory Lovins -with their Ten Islands Challenge- join Gates in leap-frogging into the 21st Century with the New\!/Fire ?


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