Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Playing LENR Catch-up ...already

Norway is one of the few oil producing countries reacting to national challenges presented by the benefits of LENR energy. Canada and Venezuela remain paralyzed. Canada will soon find itself uncompetitive in international trade because of the high extractive and transportation costs of crude oil -relative to emerging clean energy sources. It is also saddled with highly expensive maintenance of aged nuclear reactors and their radioactive waste storage.

As early as the fall of 2013, this blog post alerted academic and political leaders to the need for pro-action. Not knowing, is no excuse for allowing the Canadian dollar and our standard of living to plummet along with oil revenues.

Playing catch-up with fast-moving competitors is tough. A place to start is to take a page or three from the Scandinavian playbook.

The networks of individual readers form a vast pool of influentials. They and the media are keys to unleashing a campaign holding the feet of sluggish politicians and scientists to the new\!/fire.
July 2015 Update
Further to Norway's alertness to LENR developments:\


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