Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Swans of a Different Kind Hover

Terrorists don’t need “dirty bomb” delivery since radio-active devices were planted back in the 60's and 70's, and subversive agents have been allowed to immigrate ever since. Drone reconnaissance technology, which has matured in the last two years, gives extremists the means to wreck havoc on major population centers.

Proliferation of atomic plants in 3rd-world countries is no longer the only issue. Building of new nuclear plants in China, Japan and Uk plus refurbishment of aged plants in some “enlightened" western countries, plus stalling research on solutions to radio-active waste stockpiling are criminal. Read what is unfolding in France:

The attack on the Twin Towers was miniscule compared to the havoc now being planned. If the shut-down of air traffic upon destruction of the towers was deemed necessary, then current threats call for proaction on a much greater scale.

Fast-tracking of LENR-fuelled power plants combined with quick decommissioning of nuclear plants and a cutoff of funding for fission research are the new priorities. Meanwhile, detection and destruction of drone launch sites near all atomic plants are crucial.

Exploration of space can be put on hold while an international Manhattan-sized project is deployed.

Unfortunately, the UN and western leaders fiddle while the public dozes -and terrorists play with drones.


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