Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Collaborative Research Provides Hope -on Two Fronts

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Cancer breakthroughs may depend on facilitating co-operation of biologist, oncologist and physcist, says author of this Physics Today article:


Now, if only chemists and fission physicists would bury their hatchets and collaborate on Cold Fusion research, atomic power plants and prolliferation of atomic weapons would suddenly be reduced, if not eliminated. Also, the half-life of the world's radio-active waste pile could be at least halved by LENR-type transmutation.

Freezing Lake Huron Canucks have one of the world's largest and oldest atomic complexes just upwind of them. African, Asian and North American children have the most hope for a long healthy life if present coal and nuclear electricity plants can quickly be converted to LENR reactors.

Collaborative cold fusion research and engineering could speed the needed retro-fits. But, further research and peer reviews aside, it's the installation of an Industrial Heat E-cat for its first big customer that will (not may) set the pace of deployment in Chinese and US markets.

Whether the reader is a believer or denier of man-made adverse climate change, it behoves all (for children everywhere) to push for early deployment of LENR heating and electricity generation. Let's do our part in advocating the clean and affordable solution to cleaning up the air we breathe and in eliminating the risk of more nuclear disasters.

The fence-sitters might digest an open letter sent to the Third International Panel on Climate Change -a letter composed by Mr. Gordon Docherty, B.Sc. M.Sc. MBA MBCS MCMI

So, cheer up folks. Monitor price of crude and track the latest 3-day movement here. Follow smart investors. Help spread the good news -and check back for updates.

UPdate #1
Unlike UK and US, a German mainline science publication provides a feature article on "Kalte Fusion", but does not go so far as to suggest LENR is the push-button solution to wobbly renewable power generation.
UPdate #2
An American philanthropist is rumored to be interested in funding an Italian agency to the tune of 1 billion for fusion research.

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