Thursday, October 23, 2014

Of Links, LENR and Wunderkids

China, the Czech Republic, Japan and the UK are taking steps to keep nuclear in their energy mix, while Canada, Germany and France back away from atomic power. The U.S. government cannot wean itself from fossil fuels and nuclear power; it leaves private firms to lead research for alternatives.
Helping academics, politicians, business leaders and the public with their linking and thinking processes in consuming breaking news is often facilitated by professional journalists and their big media employers. Whereas they adequately cover renewable energy field, they leave the emerging Cold Fusion/LENR story to internet forums and bloggers.
Regardless, serious investors are connecting intermittent links and following the big money.

Earlier posts on this blog attempted to link developments on such events as the E-cat tests, research on adapting LENR technology to mutation of radioactive wastes and the untimely push to stuff ever-accumulating atomic waste into geologic caverns.
Here is a list of energy related posts for 2013 and to date for 2014. Note: Some of the updates are more electrifying than the stale posts.
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And, while Industrial Heat LLC fine-tunes its 1 MW heating plant for a big customer, here are a few more links to help you follow events on the ever-changing energy front:
A noteworthy article by Gordon Docherty published by E-Cat World, concludes with this teaser:
"Instead of being doomed to live in a dying, poisoned world, where mass extinction (including ours) is all that we have left to look forward to, it is time to change the argument by bringing into the equation, something new, something that would:
1. Eliminate the need for oil, coal, gas, uranium, plutonium as fuel sources.
2. Address the global warming issue -with a concerted effort, carbon dioxide emissions could be all but eliminated.
3. Adress the clean water shortage issue.
4. Redress imbalances in the geopolitical system, reduce scaricity, and increase stability.
5. Provide enough fuel for over 1.5 billion years -more than enough time to provide us with enough chance to move beyond our current limitations."

The "new fire" may not be refined in time to escape nuclear and environmental disasters, let alone a stray comet. So, some of you latter-day space kids might live long enough to realize the dream of saving humankind by deploying massive LENR-powered interstellar craft.


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