Tuesday, August 26, 2014

LENR-Cities -Averting Chaos in Energy Market

In considering company strategy (and even career options), it’s not being good at yesterday’s technology or even today’s state-of-the art; it’s being aware of and curious about the trajectory of disruptive technology.

The press release by LENR-cities shows what can be done by a little country in the face of disruptive technology –provided such country has the intellectual horsepower and the balls to organize for an entirely new market:
a LENR-Forum interview with Michel Vandenberghe gives details on the Swiss plan to provide a European initiative in the emerging LENR field:

The value proposition is to enable companies to take advantage of their existing capabilities and to help create new industries.

About one-fifth of the way into the interview, CEO Vandenberghe attempts to reconcile obstacles coming from market players themselves and the need to remove such obstacles.
Back in the 1970's it was Dee Hock, a small bank official who in master-minding the creation of Visa International said, "The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but to get the old ones out. He also observed that it was from unbridled competition and failures that growth occured when leaders cooperated in a massive re-structuring of the credit card business.

While the Visa action was to correct a failing business model, the LENR-Cities initiative is pro-active in addressing expected economic disruption of major proportions. Although there is a definite Euro focus, Brazilians and Japanese have shown interest.

At http://Drboblog.com, a statement about defining a company is followed by a series of questions:
A company can be defined by what they do and how they do it, at this point its all very abstract.

What problems do they set out to solve?
How can they solve these problems?

What problems can be avoided in the first place by their ecosystem?
Which are the other benefits by their ecosystem?

Who can benefit from their ecosystem?
What will be their services?

How will communication and transactions take place in their ecosystem?
Does this business model rely on automated processes and software?

It looks like the LENR-Cities organizers have caught the Dee Hock spark and intend to apply it to the challenge of launching a new energy entity. Here is a version of a pertinent article appearing in a 1996 issue of FastCompany magazine.

The Message:
Canadian academics, business and labour leaders, politicians and policy-makers might well begin to prepare for the end of an expensive and polluting fossil fuel era. Opting out of the "new fire" plays while constructing pipelines to expand oil exports is a risky, if not reckless, strategy.

Up Date #1
Read Frank Ackland's interview with the CEo of LENR-Invest:

Up date #2
Follow Oct 25-26 event on:

Up date # 3
Swiss newspaper announces that Airbus is partnering with LENR-Cities

Up date # 4
An observation in Alain Co's long comment on E-catworld's forum on Feb 1, 2015 is that existing energy players make value from the market revolution, not by opposing, but by embracing it.

Up Date # 5
On April 14 2015 LENR-Cities' Vandenberge, presented a white paper on his organization's structure at the ICCF-19 conference in Padua, Italy.


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