Saturday, April 05, 2014

New Jersey's BLP Goes for Gold

Article generated technical comments after appearing on E-Cat World forum on April 7th.

In this olympic year of 2014, BlackLight Power, of Cranbury New Jersey has applied for world-wide patents on its one cubic foot cell that produces commercial quantities of electricity directly from water. This SF-CIHT unit (through a pulsed process) produces millions of watts of light with conversion into electricity by standard off-the-shelf photovoltatic converter.
It is claimed the cell can generate ten million watts of electricity, or enough to power ten thousand homes at a cost of about $25/kW. Dr. Randell Mills' invention would permit a standard-sized auto to travel 3,000 miles on one liter of water. Given its compactness and low cost, the device has early application across a broad range of industries, including aerospace, heating, marine and medicine.
This technology appears to be much more disruptive (and sudden) than the introduction of internal-combustion engine, hydro-electric generation and nuclear power production.
Such a leap in non-polluting energy alarms OPEC, Canada and Russia. Even the President of the United States has to be dragged into the future by privately-funded entrepreneurs.
After decades of research and development, Dr. Mills with his SF-CIHT transparent box, hydrino theory and patents, seems ready to take on the world without distraction of labels like Cold Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. See Bloomberg BusinessWeek's overview of BLP.

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Call to Action

Educating editors, university professors and politicians about the "new fire" is really tough to do via an advocacy blog. Unless that is, astute readers assist with a micro-targeting challenge.
In most readers' networks are a few individuals capable of getting the attention of media moguls, politicos and business honchos. Helping to target blog content (and those informative embedded links) at infuentials while adding your own viewpoint leads to a more dynamic economy -and could reverse the trajectory of our energy bills.
You invest time in following advances in energy technology, so lend your talents to advance something you obviously believe in. Assist with identifying and engaging potential influencers.
Remember, problem solvers are happier than bystanders and complainers. Put out positive energy and good things come back to you, to your community -and in this case, to your country.
Let's make it happen ...starting today

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