Thursday, January 02, 2014


This is a time of making resolutions and also of re-kindling auld acquaintance. All is quiet on the local front with teen-age grandsons on Salzburg's ski slopes trying to impress sno-bunnies.
Before I inevitably go off-piste into that great unknown chasm, I've started to share my collection sayings with grandkids -and with a broader audience. Good luck with your favourite resolves of cutting smoking and losing weight. You might consider a couple more from this long list:

Networking File -the Power of Contacts

Once met, strangers no more …if you attach names and ideas to faces.
New friends can help,if given compelling & succinct reason to do so.
Plan your intro -who u are, what u do, and what you are looking for.
By giving back, accessing sources & resources is not using others.
Face-to-face meetings can often lead to acquisition of novel info.
Don’t do all the talking; listen & throw conversational ball back.
Cultivate acquaintance of leading thinkers, influencers and doers.
Use networking to meet the right people before u need their help.
Keep influentials in your circle by introducing helpful contacts.
Make contacts across many industry, gender & generational lines.
Get to know your neighbours; they know others you wish to know.
Social media is no replacement for a circle of genuine friends.
To be a better conversationalist, become a better interrogator.
Info-packed elecronic profiles beat a stash of business cards.
For networkers, opporunities come to those who empower others.
To learn, meet with those who act & sound nothing like you do.
High performers have strong lateral & up and down connections.
Make notes in order to have common ground for next encounter.
Chance meetings and a mix of ideas can ignite breakthroughs.
Have conversations, but have a message. Flog mutual blogs.
What is lacking in know-how is made up for in "know-who."
Radiate positive vibes and they'll bounce back threefold.
Get to know the routers in your particular field/market.
Always follow up a warm referral with written thanks.
Find smart people to network with at live events.
Emphasize commonalities rather than differences.
Rather than just searching, network like crazy.
Use conversation as a catalist for innovation.
Engage and share content with trusted friends.
Do things for others. Don’t just be a taker.
Ask for help. Give it. Test relationships.
Meet the power elite -fly business class.
At events circulate; avoid usual cliques.
Develop ease in talking with strangers.
It's not about me, it's about sharing.
A problem shared is a problem halved.
Connect with the super connectors.
Reciprocity is the glue & purpose.
Meet & engage interesting people.
Meet and then befriend the gurus.
Reconnect with old school mates.
Make your network your filter.
Trust until it is betrayed.
Mix, Link, Listen, Learn.

I look forward to continued shareing; please do the same.

Good Deed # 1
As part of mentoring the young, here is an educaional link to pass along.
In fact it could help a few in your network hurdel tasks of report writing.

Good Deed # 2

Here is a "request for help" through micro-targeting that first appeared at the end of a Guest Editorial on the E-Cat World forum.


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