Friday, November 22, 2013

Regional Electricity Disributors Become Generators

While consumers in the broad Great Lakes region squirm over the prospect of a deep limestone depository for nuclear waste along the eastern shore of Lake Huron, some recent readings prompt the above caption. The story begins with that European powerhouse called Germany. Of course, solar/wind and new electricity storage technology leads to localized clean energy generation, distribution and ownership.
This transition will be accellerated with the roll-out of Brilluoin's LENR-fired boilers over the next three years. See recent posts at the Londont blog site.

All this transpires while big food processors and manufactures move south because of Ontario's poor competive environment, e.g, Volvo and Heinz. The survivors are now reeling in the face of the 30% rate increase on nuclear generated electricity requested by Ontario Power Generation. Meanwhile, state-side nuclear plants are shutting down and coal-fired plants are being converted to low-cost shale gas. And, big retailers and giant internet firms begin to exit the grid because of unreliability and the real prospect of major electricity rate increases.
Here's another item detailing the rejection of coal and nuclear-fired generation, and the buy-back of coal and nuclear-free electricity generation by German municipalities.
Let's try to make that happen across Ontario before Big Nuclear convinces politicians that risky refurbishing of aged reactors and building of new ones (and burying radioactive wastes in porous limestone) become linch-pins in the Province's Long-Term Energy Plan.

Leonardo corporation may now be taking orders(again)for its 1MW E-cat heating plant. In line with the themes of the last few Londont posts, LondonHydro and the Province's Ontario Hydro Generation might well be getting in line for early delivery of 1MW E-cats.

For south-west Ontario, the key to attracing and retaining industries is a combination of improved transportation corridors and competitive energy costs.

Stay tuned for Energy Minister, Bob Chirialli's Dec 2nd delivery of Ontario's new Longterm Energy Plan.


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