Monday, May 20, 2013

E-cat -Grid-shattering Development

 Big-media has been slow to report on progress of testing of Andrea Rossi's E-cat models. How many business, energy and technology magazines will jump on the band-wagon now that the 3-rd party report on Rossi's hot cats is being dissemenated?
 The report was published at at Cornell University, where submissions must adhere to university standards.

 Bear in mind that this is not just promotional hype coming from a research lab. Rossi has recently been working with Siemens on electricity and commercial heat generation. The Swedish utility research consortium, ELFORSK, a co-funder of the 3-party report, is very interested in becoming an early adopter of the technology. Also, E-cat factories and regional licensing are apparently underway in the EU and the USA.

  World oil production has just peaked, and new under-sea oil fields and nuclear elecricity generating plants on the drawing boards will be cancelled. Not to worry, with the new LENR energy source, there will be enough petroleum to grease factory gears and transportation wheels for many centuries to come.

PS    May 24, 2013
 Wired.Uk magazine has a review of the 3-rd party report and its far-reaching impacts, including EU Parliament's notice of a Brussels LENR conference on June 3rd. Read:
General Fusion of Burnaby, B.C. is in a quest to be the first to facilitate provision of cheap and clean energy. See:

PPS   May 27, 2013
   Looks like Rossi sold out to his big American partner.



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