Saturday, February 23, 2013

LENR & Distributed Production of Electricity

 Bob Silberg, writing for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab on February13, 2013, references work by two top NASA scientists (Dennis Bushnell and  Joseph Zawodny), whom he says tend to believe that the Widom-Larsen theory is the best current explanation for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. These two NASA researchers favour mastering theory before jumping into production. Read Mr. Silberg's full article here.
 In any case the article concludes with:
"And he (Zawodny), is sure that if the Widom-Larsen theory is shown to be correct, resources to support the necessary technological breakthroughs will come flooding in. All we need is that one bit of irrefutable proof that we have a system that works. As soon as you have that, everyone is going to throw their assets at it."
 Meanwhile, independent innovators like Rossi (Italy) Defkalion (Greece) are trying to obtain certification of their respective working units and researchers like  Franscesco Piantelli (EU) and Randall Mills (USA) attempt to protect their own experimental efforts through patents. And, Toyota (Japan) has resumed investigation of LENR.
 LENR funding from US government agency ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects for Energy) is finally on the way -just as that superpower proclaims petroleum independence through production of shale gas and oil. In North America, Europe and Asia, disruptive shakeouts between massive investments in pipelines and onsite power generation are about to erupt.
 Watch what happens to oil prices over the next twelve months -and ultimately to the direction of electricity rates.

 With the quest for DOE funding of early-stage LENR research heating up, NASA is apparenly making its case for new propulsion technology in the military.
 In the Province of Alberta suddenly government spending is being slashed. Big internaional banks have been selling oil short -and the big oil companies have begun to reduce assets. 


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