Monday, January 02, 2012

Cold Fusion 2012 Energy Production?

 In its January 2, 2012 publication, New Energy and Fuel, highlights 3 companies that will optimistically get into production with Low Energy Nuclear Fusion generators. They are:
 1. Andrea Rossi's E-Cat home heat generator -Italy
 In a recent interview, Rossi says,“We have already started the sales of the industrial plants of 1MW, but now focusing on the household, we have to resolve the issue of certifications, and we are working on those, and we are organizing the production. The target price will be between $1000-$1500 US for an E-Cat with a power between 10-20 kilowatts. Such an E-Cat is able to give the thermal energy and air conditioning for an average family house."
 2. Defkalion home heat generator             -Greece
 Their design permits coupling units (similar to Rossi's) generating an output range from 5KW to 5MW.  
 3. Randall Mills' utility electricity generator   -USA
 Dr. Mills was to have a commercial unit ready in 2011, but it has not surfaced yet. He has been busy making preliminary patent filings on his process to derive commercial electricty directly from hydrogen in water.
 4. 5kw (Fuel-free) House Generator  -South Africa
   A Johannesburg company is about to manufacture a $6,000 generator and provide country licensing.

  In spite of skeptics in governments, in energy sectors and in the physics fraternity, the race to certification and to market for new and disruptive energy sources is on. More power to these start-ups.

  NASA research scientist in this video clip sees a much cleaner and cheaper energy future.

   Don't hesitate to forward this link to acquaintenances interested in moving off the grid.


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