Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Transportation Minister Listens

Whether it's agriculture, manufacturing, or tourism, good highways are essential.

A May 17, 2010  email reminded Mr. Serge Lavoie, President of the South West Economic Assembly, and Mayor Decicco-Best  that the northern counties and towns will not benefit economically without improved connections to trade corridors. They were invited to look at the Provincial map of Southern Ontario Construction Programs.

Such prompt was followed up with an email to Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne and about ten southwestern Liberal MPPs with the admonition that the northern 519 region returned enough members to Queen's Park to get some action on overdue transportation infrastructure.

In a May 25th speech to the Economic Club of Canada, Minister Wynne said, "If we don't think about people living in poverty in rural communities, for example, and think about how they can move around (to improve their circumstances) then we're missing a huge social impact of transportation. I've become acutely aware of the role that inadequate transportation networks play in inhibiting economic growth and reducing quality of life."

Has the big city MPP (Don Valley West) been listening this past week to Liberal members from way west of the GTA?


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