Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SWEA Hears Transportation Call Too Late

Within days of the early closing of The South West Economic Alliance in Sarnia ly on September 25th, Volvo announced it was closing its grader operation in Goderich and moving it to Pennsylvania because of transportation logistics.
Another irony is that the main presentation at the SWEA meeting was the Ivey School of Business study making the case for improved transportation infrastructure; this coming in the wake of exodus of such plants as: CanGrow in Exeter and Cambell's Soup in Listowel.
For the last few years this writer has been advocating regional lobbying of the Province for improved highways in the south west, here, here & here & and here.
To repeat the concluding observation of an earlier post: "Business leaders and voters are ultimately to blame for procrastination leading to regional economic decay and population decline."