Sunday, July 13, 2008

New "WINDOW" on Solar -and Demise of OIL

MIT is spinning off of a company (Covalent Solar) to commercialize a solar concentrating process that achieves superior solar conversion without tracking of the sun. Such technology will help make glass-sided office towers energy self-sufficient.
If only battery storage technology would keep apace of solar technology we would see a quick end to the transportation fuel crisis. Sweeney says, "Within a decade, glass-sided box cars and glass-sided box-containers on 16-wheelers could halve diesel consumption -and glass-domed automobiles will not have internal combustion engines. "
Shell's reasons for killing its multi-billion oil refinery at Sarnia -surging construction costs and market conditions- ring a bit hollow in the face of long-term demand. Connecting the dots, or rather the hyperlinks, indicates Shell is content to milk its cash cow while investing heavily in alternative energy.

The dot com and sub-prime mortgage bubbles deflated quickly. The new bubble of pre-stressed glass heralds the era of Sun & Silicon. Get ahead of the curve; use some of your oil profits to scoop plate-glass stocks.