Friday, June 27, 2008

Neither Fission Nor Fusion -just Reduce Spin

The fuel is water and the catalytic process to release heat and generate electricity has been demonstrated in a 2 megawatt prototype at Blacklight Power's research complex in New Jersey. A 50 megawatt plant is being built and there are plans to manufacture the new concept generators in 2009. The rub is that it flies in the face of current theory of quantum physics. site provides some simple description and a diagram to illustrate the process.
A June 26, 2008 item on NewEnergyandFuel site sums it up with the comment:
"What is encouraging is that some highly competent people are on a path to validate within a couple of years. If it is shown to be viable the energy and fuel economy will shift in a big way..."

Ontario might stall its Darlington nuclear plans and stick with coal until the New Jersey verdict is in. Meanwhile, London Hydro can best avoid brown-outs and insulate itself from provincial energy antics by budgeting for a "new-concept" (grid-independent) generator.