Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dinner for One -a must see Holiday Skit

Throwing a New Year's Eve dinner party? Stumped for entertainment and menu? Then, read on.

 Few Austrians, Germans and Swiss have ever heard our Royal Canadians, and even fewer Australians and North Americans have viewed a skit that has been broadcast every New Years eve in German-language countries since it's recording in Hamburg in 1963. Why is this? Especially since it was performed by a couple of British actors and has no captions.
 Clues can be found in a December 2008 article at this site . And here's the 20-minute film kindly provided by ChristmasMagazine.  If you enjoy it, use the envelope icon (below) to relay to friends who cannot make it to your party. Skol!

 If you find the vintage film too raunchy for the season, gather the grand-children around and brouse the ChristmasMagazine. This lovely magazine is published by Swiss/Canadian, Ester Schonwandt.


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