Thursday, October 06, 2011

Oct 6 2011 E-cat Test

 On the eve of the heralded E-cat (Energy-Catalyst) test in Bologna, Italy on Oct. 6, 2011, Wired Magazine publishes an article on Andrea Rossi's experiments.

  The big day has arrived and the results and experts' comments will begin to flow over the next few hours and days. One good source of information is:
 Early tweets from some attendees  (referenced in comments section of Peswiki item) indicate success with test. If so, then it will be immediately reflected in energy and oil stocks in the mornings EU stock exchanges.
 The editor of the Nebraska Engineer gives a "thumbs up" on October 7th to Rossi's latest demonstration in Bologna.

  (PESwiki site references Rossi's statement that he desires public input on exterior design of his proposed household cabinet.
  This is followed by an Oct  11, 2011 press release that Defkalion (Rossi's initial Greek partner) is ready to market a product based on the Rossi design:

 Under a Networkworld headline, Cheap Power: An Overnight Revolution, journalist Mark Gibbs on October 14, and in a Forbes Magazine article on Oct 17) tells readers to watch the outcome of the 1MW e-cat test in Bologna on October 28th as the world political and energy scene could be upset.
if you have a pile of wet fire wood to stoke the cabin stove this winter, you might track this site as you freeze in the dark:

Producing 470 kilowatts, the prospective purchaser and seller claim Oct 28 E-cat test a success:



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