Monday, June 10, 2013

Electric Utiltiies Face Crisis

Here is a comment posted in response to an op-ed piece published in PhilipMcCleod's political report on a possible sale  of London Ontario's electric utility:

GRID vs Power Generation by End-users

Farmers, industries, institutions and home owners are increasingly adopting solar panels. Efficiency is improving while costs are dropping. Once there is a breakthrough in energy storage devices more and more consumers will disconnect from the grid.

Municipalities, who are essentially electricity re-sellers and maintainers of local delivery infrastructure, will find themselves with declining captive customers.

Upper-level governments also have to worry about de-commissioning and replacement of ageing nuclear plants, combined with the specter of a disruptive game-changer called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. LENR for short. Yes, it's about to happen. See: and
If readers want to get further informed, Google any of "Leonardo Corporation", "Defkalion" or "BLP", followed by the term LENR.

London Hydro has a CEO and a Board of Directors. They have more of an eye for evaluations, market and technological trends than do our local politicos  -and us pundits.


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