Wednesday, December 04, 2013

LENR Executive Summary -Inc'l Updates

With the gradual increase in media attention to the electric energy mix around the world, there is a growing need for education on LENR. A handy source is the web site:
In the USA there is increasing alarm over rising costs of electricity where an abundance of shale gas is refuleing old coal plants. Canada, meanwhile is having difficulty in shipping Alberta crude oil to its eastern refineries and to the gulf coast. With a surplus of shale gas and oil, North America isn't very interested in funding LENR R & D.
Another source providing a roundup of companies already involved in LENR research and development is Locally, with ever-declining reliability of power supply and esculating electricity rates, Ontario manufacturers and jobs exit south. The latest casualtity is London's Kellogg plant. Indeed, south-west Ontario is in for a bumpy economic ride -until the arrivial of a more affordable and cleaner fuel. Energy minister Bob Chiarelli and Premier Wynne sense the solution is just over the ten-year horizon, yet do nothing to stimulate research and development of LENR.
In three months the 25th anniversary of the Fleishmann/Pons announcement arrives. Stay tuned for commercialization news between now and March 23, 2014.

Here is a revealing interview with Sweden's Sten Bergman, a co-author of the recent Elforsk Report.

Update # 1
From Richard Sampson's April 2014 blog, here is a must read for business leaders trying to catch the wave.


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