Sunday, May 04, 2014

Appeal for LENR e-mail Micro-Targeting Campaign

Micro-targeting Business and Political Leaders ... Suggested D-R-A-F-T

Dear Key Influencer

Micro-targeting was very effective in the last US presidential election. The e-mail strategy to deliver votes can also be used to alert business and political leaders to alarming issues –like 30% hike in energy prices and polluting fossil fuels vs. early prospect of much cheaper and cleaner energy sources.

Consider joining a campaign to bring awareness and urgency of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) to voters and policy-makers. As cost of living sky-rockets and manufactured exports tank, take a few minutes to scan recent posts on lack of Canadian interest in LENR research, and the ill-timed rush to bury nuclear wastes. Go to:

As the energy revolution gets underway in Asia, and as major elections approach, Canadian leaders need a not-so-gentle nudge.

Plan A
In advocating awareness and action, it’s not necessarily who you know, but who you can reach. Therefore, let’s mobilize as many influencers as possible in the task of holding politicians’ feet to the “new fire.”
Parallel Plan B
Given our federal government’s addiction to dirty oil and radio-active nuclear power, let's set up an organization encouraging private and institutional investment in LENR research and commercialization a la Swiss/UK model. See LENR-cities web site
and E-Catworld forum post and comments.

Full name & postal address of campaigner

A positive 3rd party test report (due in June) will prompt General Electric and Industrial Heat LLC to attempt a LENR Distributed Energy launch in China.
If support for above initiatives coincides with the release of the latest test report, then a new blog post giving further details will appear.

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NOTE added May 5th

A section at the end of the April 5th piece on BlackLight Power, gave the following rationale for activating micro-targeting:

Call to Action

Educating editors, university professors and politicians about the "new fire" is really tough to do via an advocacy blog. Unless that is, astute readers assist with a micro-targeting challenge.
In most readers' networks are a few individuals capable of getting the attention of media moguls, politicos and business honchos.
Helping to target blog content (and those informative embedded links) at infuentials while adding your own viewpoint leads to a more dynamic economy -and could reverse the trajectory of our energy bills.

You invest time in following advances in energy technology, so lend your talents to advance something you obviously believe in. Assist with identifying and engaging potential influencers.

Remember, problem solvers are happier than bystanders and complainers. Put out positive energy and good things come back to you, to your community -and in this case, to your country.

Let's make it happen ...starting today


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