Sunday, April 13, 2014

CLEAN PLANET Sartup Leads Nippon LENR Launch

Although their government is still in bed with Big Nuclear, the Japanese people have had enough of atomic bombs and other nuclear disasters. Clean Planet, a Japanese start-up promoting research and commercialization of LENR is emerging as the Asian competitor of America's Industrial Heat LLC.
Stakeholders in the energy revolution now underway, might well follow fast-paced updates on BLP, Brillioun, Defkalion, E-cat,etc. at lenrforthewin: It should be the "go-to-site" for political leaders, regulatory agencies, CEOs of power generation firms and their regional distributors plus, of course, big media editors. Here are excerpts:

Business – Clean Planet
Clean Planet is a Japanese company born out of the human and scientific tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. They are dedicated to promoting clean, safe and abundant sources of energy... they now tout the commercialization of LENR as their primary project. ...announcing plans for prototype 1 kW and 10 kW LENR reactors...
Clean Planet provides something of a Japanese mirror to America’s Industrial Heat. They both are recently formed companies started by environmentally-minded organizations that have stepped in to provide the necessary investment and organization to take promising research and prototypes through to commercialization. Like Industrial Heat leveraging the efforts of Andrea Rossi, Clean Planet has partnered with Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno, whose work is well known and respected in the LENR community.
They appear well funded, scientifically rigorous, highly motivated, relatively open and commercially aggressive...
The Japanese are in and they’re not fooling around.

- - - - -
Canada shuns new energy research and clings to polluting fossil fuels and to radio-active nuclear fission, while much of Africa and Asia remain dependent on dung for cooking fuel. Unlike the fossil-fueled EU and North American countries, resouce-poor Asian ones are gung-ho about adopting America's energy breakthroughs.

A BBC article concludes: Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage is the only technology currently available that can reverse the trend of emissions in the atmosphere -this makes it a moral obligation to deploy it as soon as possible.
Yes, the UN's IPCC actually pushes massive harvesting of beets and trees as best approach to solving problem of increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide -when, in less time than it took President Kennedy to spur a lunar landing, the private sector will introduce the LENR solution.

Additional reactions to UN's latest report on climate change:

# 1 Assesment by MSNBC mentions new tech, but does not list any.

# 2 The Wall Street Journal highlights that besides cutting greenhouse gases, the more ambitous "geoengineering" projects to suck carbon dioxide out of air have yet to be tested on a large scale.

# 3 Excerpts from E-Cat World article:
...The IPPC recommends massive increases in the use of carbon-free energy production technologies, like solar, wind, and nuclear seems that LENR is not even a blip on the IPCC’s radar...

# 4 In a revealing German Radio interview, Ottman Edenhofer, co-chair IPCC says that while not much will happen, there is still hope. He implies that consumers can help by deflecting the flow of their investments to renewables.

# 5 Under subheading, Panel slams current path of Harper government,
a Toronto Star article references a concurrent report by Environment Canada stating that the energy sector has surpassed transportation as the largest generator of gases causing climate change.


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