Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fast Rollout of BlackLight's SunCell

CEOs and the technically inclined might try to get up to speed on the latest advances in direct electricity generation by New Jersey’s Dr. Randell Mills. Listen to an interview he did with Sterling Allan on July 29th 2014.

The techno-speaking inventor covers a lot of R&D territory before getting to deployment. He talks of a prototype within 18 weeks as BlackLight Power plots control of world-wide production and distribution of its stand-alone power packs. Towards the end of the long interview Dr. Mills mentions Canadian involvement in a distribution agreement.

Since Ontario has closed down coal-fired plants and has not included new nuclear power plants in its long term energy plan, there is speculation this Canadian province has some involvement with BlackLight Power’s SunCell rollout.

All speed with any attempts to bring down electricity rates and to forestall brownouts across Ontario.

Here is an excerpt from an item on the NextBigFuture website:

...the engineering firms they are consulting with say that there are no engineering obstacles to marry the Blacklight system with photovoltaics ...All the different engineering problems are covered, including light angle, emission from electrodes, heat dissipation and transfer, and material handling. "This thing is meant to be", is their assessment. They are extraordinarily optimistic this will roll out quickly.
They promise power for 0.1 cents per kwh.


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