Tuesday, May 27, 2014

IAEA -the UN's Nuclear Watchdog

The scope of Vienna's International Atomic Energy Agency goes largely un-noticed in North America. Let's scan the mission statement.
Its major tasks are policing non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and making nuclear science and technology available for peaceful uses. It has not yet taken a position on the prospect of LENR having a favourable impact on many of the nuclear issues IAEA deals with.

In an April 2014 Norway speech, the Agency's Director General, Yukiya Amano, provided an overview of the work of his organization. He stresses that the IAEA is a technical organization working in a highly politized environment.

IAEA does not try to dissuade nations from building their own reactors for peaceful purposes. It promotes safety in operation of a 50-yr-old flawed technology. Absent, so far, is any effort to condition politicans to emerging non-radioactive alternatives.

Perhaps the UN will act following the 2014 release of the 3rd-party test report on the E-Cat. This is the Italian/American device that is being engineered to tackle China's coal-fueled pollution problem and possibly Japan's sudden electricity deficit*, and even Africa's lack of electricity generation and distribution infrastructure.

Populace of Japan's capital city mounts campaign objecting to Big Nuclear's attempt to complete new nuclear reactor:

In June, IAEA's Director General visited Sweden's proposed geological nuclear waste site ...some 400 meters below ground in granite bed rock.

Northern Ontario has deep granite bed rock, but porous and cracked limestone adjacent to Bruce nuclear reactors on Lake Huron's shore is apparently the preferred Canadian site. Ontario Power Corporation might invite Dr. Amano to visit and share his insights -while his agency monitors three developments:
1. The haste to bury nuclear waste as transmutation technology moves into the development stage.
2. The pending release of the latest 3-rd party E-cat test report.
3. Opening of an operating E-cat heating plant by a US company to public viewing later this year.

2nd update
E-Catworld.com has an incisive essay on July 8th, labelled:
UN Panel: Carbon Neutrality Needed by 2050 to Avoid Catastrophy
It concludes with "perhaps before too long...the benefits of LENR will become readily apparent to those who sit on panels like the (UN's) DDPP..."

3rd update
Ever-increasing nuclear radioactivity is alarming according to a report by German doctors. Scan the statistics:


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