Friday, October 17, 2014

Canadian Economy and LENR

A Canadian panel on Preparing for Energy Future has just submitted its report.

Their assessment appears to be based on the assumption that global energy rates will continue to rise. Regardless of whether energy prices surge or collapse, the main competitive response is to adopt the lowest-cost power generation. Some foreign governments, already benefiting from low-cost labour and warmer temperatures, are expanding solar power and planning deployment of Low Energy Nuclear Reactors. They take a big lead in cheap heat, electricity and transportation.

Canadians are left out in the cold; oil and gas exports plummet and domestic prices of fossil fuels jump because of high extractive and transportation costs. Under such a scenario, how do Canadian businsesses survive? Some would say, “Pray for global warming.” A worried few would push funders and researchers to catch-up in alternative energy research by taking a page or three out of the Scandinavian play book; Denmark, Norway and Sweden are all involved in LENR research while naturally endowed with hydro power. They won't need North Sea oil to buoy their economies in disruptive energy markets.

In the 1960s Canada was not sleeping; it developed and deployed the Candu reactor.
Today, its leaders have their heads in oil sands and in burying ever-increasing radioactive waste in limestone.

Update #1
Evidence of Scandanivian alertness to to the possibility of the dawn of a new energy era is a symposium in Oslo to address what happens if LENR becomes competitive with fossil fuels and nuclear.


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