Thursday, November 27, 2014

LENR -Black Swan Ascending

Most of us know that Bill Gates, the philanthropist, is active in improving the health of the world’s impoverished. To further his cause, he is currently expanding his knowledge of research in the LENR/Cold Fusion field.
While we await Industrial Heat’s disclosure of the location and name of the owner of the first industrial plant to operate a production E-cat, let’s take a time-out to read Bill Gate’s 2011 book review of “The Black Swan The impact of the highly improbable,” by author Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
Back in 2011, Mr. Gates observed, “We restrict our thinking to the irrelevant and inconsequential, while large events continue to surprise and shape our word.” Still, sages in academia and journalism cannot be expected to identify and warn us about all unexpected and low-probability events. Nor, should they ignore or under-report when the unexpected becomes obvious.

As a follow-through, read a timely essay by Russ George, (one of the early experimenters in Cold Fusion) which provides a unique perspective on the still evolving LENR research saga.

An ideal birthday or graduation gift for rising intellectuals in your family is Taleb’s tale of Black Swans.

None of us have an infallible gift of foresight. The best we can do is be curious about research, monitor that which might impact us, and join in the advocacy should a beneficial black swan lift off.

Honk in unison with the black bird as it leads the V-formation over the horizon.


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