Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Connecting LENR Dots on the Energy Chart

At the beginning of 2015, three significant events appear on the energy front. The first and most noticeable, collapsing petrol prices -the next one, the prospect of patents and early commercialization of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) through successful replication attempts of the Lugano E-cat test -and the last one, prolonging the usage of fossil fuels.

While Industrial Heat LLC of North Carolina, is in the midst of a 12-month run to fine-tune a pre-production E-cat plant, California’s HH2 Energy Inc, markets an “air/water-inlet" kit, which it claims improves power and eliminates a vehicle’s tail-pipe pollutants. Their HH2 cells are not HHO or Brown's Gas products. The pressurized combustion chambers in a vehicle's engine, through a flash plazma process, apparently completely burns the fuel together with its carbon and toxic residues.

Connecting another dot ...if automotive engineers introduced pulsed magnetic fields, VOILA, LENR cars, trucks, trains and prop planes!

Read the HH2 hype here:

Dr. Zupancic, PhD lists 12 claims:

1. HH2 Cells create pure Hydrogen and Oxygen vapors from water on 12volts of power, these vapors when entered into the air intake of a combustion engine, eliminate most of the toxic poisons and smog causing exhaust gases from a tailpipe. Often showing low or ZERO NOX.

2. HH2 Cells cause total combustion of all fuel in a combustion chamber resulting in more power, more torque and best of all 20% or more of fuel economy.

3. HH2 Cells use pennies of water, on average 2 or 3 ounces in 800 miles of travel. Simple and fast installation by a trained installer.

4. HH2 Cells have no moving parts and our electrodes will not degrade during use. 2 year warranty, will not affect or alter any vehicle emissions systems.

5. HH2 Cells have been authorized for all vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, any engines and transmissions up to 20 Liters. Also works with CNG, LPG, Propane etc.

6. HH2 Cells work with any Diesel Particulate Filters keeping them clean and working 100% without needing to be removed for cleaning. Saves time & money.

7. HH2 Cells are perfect for use on School Buses, they clean the exhausts of toxins, improve the MPG by 20%++, increase power and performance, eliminates the stinky diesel exhaust smell from the tailpipes.

8. HH2 Cells can qualify for Carbon Credits and Tax Credits for cleaning up GHG and other smog causing exhaust discharge. Fights Climate Changes.

9. HH2 Cells if used in high pollution areas, can help cleanup the air, due to the fact the incoming air into an engine is dirtier that the exhaust discharge from the tailpipe.

10. HH2 Cells will keep engine oil clean, engines run smoother and older engines perform like new again, as all of the carbon deposits are eliminated by HH2 Hydrogen and Oxygen gases entering the vehicles air intake to an engine.

11. HH2 Cells Hydrogen is 130 Octane, no need for high octane fuel, 87 octane or lower works fine, no changes to computers, sensors or other emissions equipment, will not affect a factory warranty.

12. HH2 Cells are being developed for Rail and Marine applications, Ships can run bunker oil at sea and have cleaner emissions, trains gain power to climb grades better due to the pure Oxygen boost, trains and trucks run better at high altitudes too.

Go to the E-catworld forum if you wish to follow the Lugano e-cat replication efforts by groups in Russia, US and elsewhere.

For progressive countries, LENR research and deployment is a matter of national security and industrial competitiveness. Only with voter concensus on the issue will politicians act.

CEOs and union leaders, as well as farmers, graduates and investors must keep informed of the unfolding ramifications -and wake up their Members of Parliament.


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