Monday, December 01, 2014

Open Letter to IAEA Director General & to UN Secretary General

Since email addresses for Drs Amano and Ki-Moon are not readily available, hopefully a reader will relay this post to intended receipients.

Dear Dr. Amano and Dr. Ban Ki-moon

Having just read The Way Forward for the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials, I’m appalled at the task ahead, given the potential growth in plants and materials. Surely, it is obvious that the number of atomic power plants and the volume or radio-active wastes must be drastically reduced in order to cut exposure to more nuclear disasters and to keep on top of security concerns.

Yes, member nations need to invest in energy plants to support their growing populations. But, our little Blue Globe is at its limit of abuse by fossil and nuclear fuelled energy production.
Following disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima, and now with drone surveillance of vulnerabilities at nuclear sites, inaction is not an option; indeed, the way forward has to be radically different.

Alternatives to hot fusion and hot fission quickly emerge under the labels of LENR(Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) and Cyclotron medical isotopes. LENR is a promising clean and non radio-active way of generating heat and electricity that also lends itself to transmutation of nuclear wastes and structural debris. A prototype of a production E-Cat heating unit is actually being fine-tuned at at an industrial site in the USA.

Alternative and distributed energy generation must be phased in without delay; else, real dangers posed by ageing atomic plants, their ever-accumulating wastes and legacy electrical grids will increasingly haunt utilities for generations to come.

Germany's example of setting a 2022 dead line for phase-out of nuclear reactors, points at a realistic way forward. Question is: "Is their time-line too long"?

Regardless, without UN leadership in pushing for broader consensus there may not be much of a future for endangered population centers. Still, due to self-preservation instincts, most political leaders are unlikely to resist (costly but necessary) changes.

Best Season's Wishes to all in New York and Vienna, and much success in the year ahead with identifying, planning and promoting urgent nuclear fixes.

Jim Sweeney

For suggested actions, see November 2014 posts at:

Update #1 Responses to Friendly Flak From my Network

a. Letter format cannot include all details, but be assured UN receipients are well informed.
b. Cyclotrons can now produce medical isotopes without using uranium.
c. The take-away for those living/working in the shadows of atomic reactors is: Subversive drone surveillance of nuclear sites reguires strategic response.
d. For those readers dozing in the nether regions, the take-home is: Wake-up, safer alternatives to hot fission and hot fusion are now being perfected.
e. There is little evidence that LENR is clearly on the UN’s radar, or that it has identified drone technology as a threat to its member States.
f. If experimenters, politicians and scientists collaborate, nations might well realize a man-made solution to global warming, as well as mitigation of conflicts and hunger.
g. In addition to taking the time to scan embedded links, draining a class of mulled wine helps with clarifications.

Update #2 For Voracious LENR Link Lovers
Frank Ackland at provides an excellent introduction to lawyer, Lawrence M. Glazer's long article, The Miraculous Machine.

Update # 3 July 2, 2015
All nuclear regulators in Europe, North America and at the UN should be keeping their eyes on a project at Japan's Tohoku University. Here researchers are working towards a Cold Fusion process to convert radioactive waste into safer substances while generating heat.

UPdate # 4 November 2015
US regulators introduce mandatory Drone Registration:


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