Monday, April 20, 2015

Rush to Market in Absence of LENR Theory

With boundless LENR potential for economic, environmental and social benefits, major disruptions are about to impact energy markets -and in turn, industries and consumers world-wide. Regardless of disruptions and lack of a broadly acceptable theory, the Chinese and East Indians must push on with both nuclear and LENR plants; else, they suffocate.

After attending the ICCF-19 conference, some would choose to differ with Dr. Storms on whether a lack of an acceptable LENR theory would actually hold up commercialization of Industrial Heat’s operational 103 unit E-cat reactor and the marketing of such LENR heating/electricity reactors in Asia. At a coffee break, one conference attendee argued that recent history proves major technological breakthroughs have never proceeded from research through engineering to significant market penetration without being predeeded by solid theory.

Here are some extracts from a January 2015 paper by Edmund Storms:
…when results from Rossi’s MW trial will be presented, if not before, we will have a breakthrough for the view on LENR as an existing phenomenon. But we will still lack a solid, accepted theory for explaining it, which is necessary to carry on efficient engineering, also for Industrial Heat, even though Rossi has come a long way through intuition and some possible theoretical concepts.

The energy released by LENR involves no significant radioactivity
or harmful radiation, and the generators can be small and inexpensive.
Nuclear meltdown is not possible. Because the fuel is contained in
ordinary water, the energy would be available to all countries and
could be generated in each home or business. Such energy could not
be interrupted by weather, terrorists, or political conflict. Since CO2
is not produced at any stage in its use, LENR poses no threat to global
A rational person has to wonder why such an ideal energy source is not implemented immediately. (emphasis mine)
...The grid system would not be necessary and would cease to exist. Even the clean energy sources, such as solar and wind that are attached to the grid, would find selling their energy to be very difficult. In short, the advanced nations that use oil, coal, natural gas and uranium for energy would face possible financial collapse of their major industries.

It's unfortunate that Tom Darden and Edmund Storms did not meet in Padua in mid-April to correct the disconnects in their otherwise clear messages.

PS # 1
With each of the three main experimenter-developers -BlackLight Power, Brilluoin and Industrial Heat- proposing unique LENR theories, production will not be delayed while the Club of Theoretical Phycists get around to agreeing on an all-encompassing theory.

PS # 2
On the EgoOut blog post of April 22nd, an anonymous commentator says:
I don't think a lack of theory slowed down the development and application of the steam engine. A lot of theory RESULTED from that application (thermodynamics), but none preceded or guided its development

Update #1 April 22, 2015
On his April 22nd blog post, Dr. Peter Gluck comments in part:
"In the real world perhaps we will not have such a theory soon -say in a generation -then should we prohibit technological progress that more modestly is satisfied with less than theory... Fragments of theories...will act as the spices of the Great Recipes. This will happen.."

Update #2 June 22, 2015
A plausable prediction that China will soon dominate manufacturing and science while the US portects its legacy energy systems:


At April 21, 2015, Anonymous JeffC said...

Brillouin Energy (Berkeley,CA) has a serious engineering effort underway guided by the theory put forth by Godes, and claim to have complete control (on/off, turn up turn down) of the reaction. They just reported 4X cop and are in discussions with manufactures.


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