Thursday, January 29, 2015

LENR Energized Caribbean Nation?

A United Caribbean Nation. Well, why not?
The existing political leaderships across the independent islands will tell you the status quo is just fine.
Young educated people will ask that it be debated now. And, the next generation of voters will demand change.

The small resource-poor island nations are caught between Canada, the United States and Mexico trading under the NAFTA flag (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the dominant South American nations of Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. Continued economic separatism in the midst of giants will never break the chain of poor job prospects and low wages. Economies of scale in administration, in trade and in clean energy distribution are essential.

Caribbean nations can join in grasping the benefits of emerging LENR technology, while surrounding countries struggle with the legacy of fossil-fueled and radioactive energy generation. As the islands did with communication technology in the banking sector, so can they do in agriculture, manufacturing and transportation -providing they lead the way by adopting affordable energy technologies. And, following close behind cheap energy, comes LENR-powered intra-island mobility of goods and people. With consolidations and mobility comes improved funding of larger universities and an influx of high-skills jobs.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactors are affordable, clean and distributed energy sources particularly suited to multi-island deployment. Industrial Heat LLC of North Carolina, will soon be reporting on a 12-month run of a factory heating plant. Where there is high heat output there will be supercritical steam for turbines to generate elecricity.

So, with carnival antics behind, let the debate begin. And, if an energetic islander with vision, charisma and resolve emerges to convince all islanders that they can best reach their full potential by pulling together then, surely the 2ist Century belongs to the Caribbean Nation. Needed now is a radical restructuring, rather than more band-aid layers.

If the pursuit of affordable energy proceeds, then the long-term solution to island poverty lies with voters and the collective foresight of a federation of govenors who no longer bow to Big Oil's dictates.

PS #1
To replicate Dr. Peter Gluck's blog style, let's toss in a motto:
1. Adapt, and adversity will reveal its upside.

PS #2
For the many who wonder what the LENR fuss is all about, start with E-catworld's Knowledge Base list, and a Wired UK Magazine article by David Hambling.
Here's one from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, celrbrating a most important anniversary:

Datelines September 2014 & January 2015
Miami Herald highlights appeal by some Caribbean nations to the UN for continued support.
In January 2015, the Herald reports the USA promotes its LNG as a solution to the energy crisis across the Caribbean. Meanwhile, advocacy for a United Caribbean Nation replacing dependancy on fossil fuels with distributed LENR goes unheralded. The long-term solution to island poverty lies with the govenors collectively.


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