Monday, April 13, 2015

ICCF-19 Day 1

Hello from Padua, Italy
The 19th conference kicked off with an address by Tom Darden of Industrial Heat, LLC.
After reviewing his business experiences tackling pollution problems, he expressed optimism about LENR, but never specifically mentioned the E-cat comercialization project which is in the midst of a 12-month test run at a customer's site.
When asked about the time line for launch of LENR, he responded that patience was the watch-word and that they did not want to miss anything important. He said they were using their own money and therefore were not subject to investor pressure for early ROI. He was quite earnest about being in for the long term and for the benefit our grandchildren and their children.
He, of course lauded the attnedees for their continuing efforts in researching, experimenting and engineering of LENR.

PS # 1
The full transcript of Mr. Darden's address can be found at: -compliments of DrBob.
PS # 2
EgoOut is another excellent site for following on-going events at ICCF-19 as friends of Peter Gluck feed him information from Pauda and Peter himself mines great data from afar.


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