Monday, June 22, 2015

National Publication Headlines the Inevitable

AftenPost of Norway is one of the first to comment on Industrial Heat’s 1MW pre-production LENR commercial heater. The title: “Power Already Produced from ‘Impossible Source'”

Here are excerpts from an item in E-CatWorld:

Journalist Bjørkeng writes (Google translated):
“Renowned physicists deny that it is possible. But the inventor Andrea Rossi claims he now produces one million watts using cold fusion for a commercial customer – in an ordinary shipping container. An independent source confirmed to Aftenposten that the power plant already is in operation in a secret US customer.

What is new is that an independent source can confirm that the experiment actually exists and seems to work well..”
I think that’s a fair conclusion given the fact that the testing period is not over and results of the test have not been published. But I do think that the signs are good that the plant is performing well… and a new superior energy source has been discovered and is ready to be put to use…"


The heat is now on for other large publications to update their draft articles on LENR and try to beat competitors’ long-delayed reporting of the inevitable.
It is also a wake up call to industrialists, investors, and utilities to get informed about LENR. One can ignore reality, but not its consequences. Indeed, every consumer, every employer, and every organization is about to be impacted by the "new fire."
Stay tuned for up-dates.

Expose -first published September 2013
Former f
senior counsel at the World Bank explains how banking power-grabbers managed to dominate the media as well as control 60% of world finances.

Update June 23, 2015
This week, Deutsche Welle hosts a gathering of journalists to address the sorry state of news reporting:
Some attendees want to find answers to how journalism can improve its job of reporting in keeping with the new times and technology.

Update June 28, 2015
Deutche Welle reports: ...the 34-yr-old German reactor at Gafenheinfeld was taken offline at one minute to midnight on June 28th. Grafenrheinfeld, in the north of Bavaria, first went into service in 1981.
It is the first reactor to close since Germany shut down the oldest eight of its 17 plants in 2011, just prior to the Fukushima meltdown. Germany will next switch off one of two reactors at the neighboring Gundremmingen plant. It plans to shut down all nuclear power plants in the country by 2022.

While Japan's Fukushima radio-active meltdown continues unabated and Canada and other nations tempt fate by rubber-stamping operational extensions of old nuclear plants, Germany sets a sane example.

also, this follow-up DW article:

Update Earlier in 2015

The European Federation of Journalists present a report called: Untold Stories _How Corruption and Conflicts of Interest Stalk the Newsrooms.

Trivial Update July 13, 2015
Lately, I'm having trouble getting to sleep; I hear somewhat recogniziable voices calling my name from the porch around 3:00 a.m., and I hear the odd sneeze outside my bedroom door.

United Press International is not averse to reporting on the para normal:

At 2007's year-end, I predicted (among other events) the arrival of the 2nd little ice age. Now, UPI dares spread research news that, it's the sun, and not "man made" LENR that will reduce atmospheric CO2 and douse our planet's over-heating:

Climate scientists can't agree on whether the seas are about to boil, or whether Hades is about to freeze over.

And of course, Contrary Opinion from Washington UPI

So, don't complain about the heat; snore quietly and let me sleep peacefully. _jim

Important, On-topic Update


At June 22, 2015, Blogger Alain Coetmeur said...

just a notice that the previous article report erroneously replication by the swedish team... still trying.

anyway the power plant is much more serious.

all those news leaking slowly, with ambigiuous and erroneous claims to allow disbelievers not to believe, and tu reassure slowly the open mind who can compute and balance , linked with recent sifferkoll article make me think of central bank speech.

is it just that media and politics are so incompetent and coward that informat circulate so slowly... in a way that was well described in Asimov book "Foundation and Empire" about the Empire...

Or is is a controlled leaking , made to convince slowly people of less and less open mind structure...
information leaking from the side of the system, hard to interpret without time and motivation. with safe harbor statements allowing believers in the consensus to still believe...

anyway the law of maximum stupidity state that when you have the choice between incompetence and malice, it is probably incompetence.


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