Friday, November 27, 2015

COP-21 Paris & LENR

Here's a credible poll on depth of support for strong international intervention on climate change:

A timely announcement of a LENR COP* of <21 by any of Brillouin, BrilliantLightPower or Industrial Heat could get some of the 120+ political leaders off the hook. The Pope has already made a humanitarian appeal for action. We await pious and actionable words from UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

o Edmund Burke had it right:
o The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
While there’s still time, let’s use our talents to do something about political apathy and the lack of public awareness.

Questions to be answered next week in Paris:
1 Will Trudeau dare advance the LENR solution?
2 Will LENR be Obama's dramatic "black swan" song?
3 Will Merkel lead EU charge to fast-track coal’s exit and LENR’s entry?

Stay tuned for updates.

* coefficent of power

Updates Nov 28, 2015
1) Bill gates kicks off billion dollar Clean Energy Research Fund:
Given the urgency ascribed to the Paris event, this is not the time to pour more billions into hot fission/fusion research projects. The need is for fast global deployment of existing engineering of affordable, nonradio-active distributed energy for the benefit of the environment and humanity. As well, such LENR-type installations would reduce the proliferation of nuclear radio-active waste and weapons.
More jumbo nuclear research is not what the world needs right now to quell hunger, strife, terrorism and the risk of more nuclear disasters.

Still, we can not influence the tides, but neither should we shy away from commenting on uphevals -or on alternative solutions. Let's direct the billionaires' "clean" energy fund to cleaning up a disasterous nuclear act.

2) The “so-called” smart money, as influential political lobbyists, desperately try to convince a herd of adherents to the benefits of searching for nuclear miracles; all this, without even mentioning the fast-emerging LENR alternative –and after decades of salting their retirement folios with tanking fossil fuel stocks.

3) Here is a quip by erudite commentator WinGreen on today's E-CatWorld"
"This article by Pay Pal Peter Thiel is another ignorant appeal to return to radiative fission as the answer to energy issues. Making fission reactors smaller, or insulated with molten salt does NOT answer the nuke waste problem..."

Update Nov 29, 2015
The UN's IAEA agency reports satisfaction with proliferation of nuclear installations and with Finland's planned deep geological spent-fuel dump:
Excerpts from Statement to IAEA Board of Governors -Thursday 26 November 2015

Mr Chairman
"There are 441 nuclear power reactors in operation in 30 countries today, while 65 reactors are under construction. There have been nine new grid connections so far this year and six permanent shutdowns.

The Agency will participate in side events at the Paris Climate Conference, COP21, next week. Many countries expect nuclear power to play an important role in their energy mix in the coming decades. It is one of the lowest emitters of carbon dioxide among energy sources, considering emissions through the entire life cycle.

There is a perception in some quarters that there is no technical solution to the issue of dealing with spent nuclear fuel and high level waste. This is not the case. The Finnish authorities recently issued a licence for the construction of a deep geological repository at Onkalo. Expected to be operational in 2023, this will be the first repository in the world for the permanent disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

Last week, we held our largest conference to date on research reactors, with more than 300 experts participating. There are 246 operational research reactors in 55 countries and nearly 30 new research reactors are at different stages of implementation.
The ReNuAL project to modernise the nuclear applications laboratories in Seibersdorf (Austria) will improve the Agency’s ability to help countries use nuclear science and technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals."
Also see Open letter of December 1st,2014 to UN Secretary General:

Update December 3, 2015
UN report, "Green Choices: The Benefits, Risks and Trade-offs" released to global leaders gatherd in Paris, covers all elements of the current energy mix except nuclear. It runs to 47 pages, but doesn't mention affordable, clean and non-radioactive alternatives now being engineered and tested.

According to the report, choosing the best technology to generate power -- and picking the best sites for those projects -- will have a dramatic impact on the global environment.
Yale's Professor, Hertwich says, "The transition of energy systems takes 100 years. It's not something we can do by snapping our fingers. Renewables have been tremendously successful, and they're coming online a lot faster than people might have predicted."

Update December 8, 2015
Readers who put faith in the theory that human activity since the 1850's has to be the major villain in climate change, might expose themselves to sun spots, ice and sea levels -or at least look at what has to say:
"What we need in the discussion about global warming is a careful and dispassionate evaluation of the scientific facts, not passion, nor hysteria. The climate is always changing. What we need to know is why does it change the way it does at any one time?"


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