Friday, March 25, 2016

Homage to LENR ll -Schmuck Reportage by NYT

Hark! seekers of LENR news on mainstream outlets, for ye are finally rewarded by New York Times.
“This work is emphatically scientific,” Ms. Ilse-Neuman said. “Stefano is obviously concerned about the world, and this is his own aesthetic solution."

More philosophical reporting comes via a 1,600 word essay by Dr. Huw Price, PhD, Cambridge University.
Here are some excerpts:

…it seems increasingly improbable that all these findings are the result of fraud or error, as skeptics assert. But the only remaining alternative – that science simply made the wrong call when it dismissed cold fusion – is still almost invisible in serious scientific conversations and in the mainstream media.
… I suggested that it is because LENR is caught in what I called a ‘reputation trap’. Cold fusion has had such a bad name that scientists and journalists put their reputations at risk if they dare to express an interest in LENR.
More importantly, the reputation trap has pushed to the margins an idea that, if it does work, might be just what we need right now... I proposed in my essay that science should be more tolerant of its mavericks, when so much is at stake. If I’m right, then the reputation trap itself is the thing that should be condemned and ridiculed, not the science of LENR.
Perhaps it’s time for the science media of the world to find some backbone, face down the reputation trap, and start paying attention?

Your news curator suggests it is individual editors of science journals and big media who are responsible for morally reprehensible under-reportage.


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