Friday, June 24, 2016

Post Brexit -Legacy Energy vs LENR

For the environment and humanity, legacy energy infrastructures are destructive forces. By comparison LENR, is benign and inexpensive.

Nuclear energy plants are dangerous because, (a) they emit radiation, (b) radioactive waste accumulates, (c) strong radioactivity gradually weakens cement containment structures and (d) plants are expensive to build, maintain and dismantle. Fossil-fueled energy generation is damaging because of CO2 emissions and air-borne particulates.

In spite of all that, the nuclear industry and their national regulators claim nuclear still has the cleanest and safest track record of any existing power source. Even the UN advocates further proliferation of nuclear plants for energy production even though the uranium process can be used by rogue nations in production of nuclear bombs. Also, pension funds are so heavily weighted by legacy energy stocks that big investors hinder national and international research into promising non-fissionable energy sources.

To address the world’s growing energy needs, available options include cleaning up coal, offering subsides for solar and wind turbine installations, encouraging on-going search for oil and gas as well as building new pipelines and extending operational life-spans of 70s era nuclear plants. Any and all of the above to ensure profits, rather than humanitarian engineering of LENR to control rising temperatures, rising coastal waters, air pollution and to alleviate hunger and thirst in poor nations.

More governments might advance LENR engineering so that nonradioactive-type reactors be retro-fitted to boilers of formerly fossil-fueled plants and nuclear plants. Although LENR technology has been replicated, patents issued and operational demonstrations made in Florida, Switzerland and Sweden, mainline media have been reluctant to report on it –likely because big advertisers are concerned about major disruption to their markets.

Earlier Londont posts expand on many of the issues raised here. Consider joining an urgent end-run around captive media and crippled science journals in bringing awareness of the LENR solution to politicians and to voters.

This post goes live just as the Brexit referendum results are being digested. To energy watchers throughout the British Isles, in a smaller European Union and in other major trading nations, the reactions are mixed. A BBC article expresses concerns of UK scientists that continued financial support of their major science projects can no longer be taken for granted.

Update July 28, 2016
Giant French nuclear utility votes to proceed with the UK's Hinkley Point nuclear plant, while a director resigns and the British government postpones approval.


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