Monday, June 13, 2016

Warmer Jet Stream = Alpine and Arctic Disasters

Your attention is directed to a couple of informative articles by Inside Climate News. The first relates to fast-receding glaciers in the Alps and the second to the impact of the jet steam on the Arctic.
"Over the next few decades, projections for Austria's glaciers range from total meltdown to a loss of about 50 percent of glacier volume by 2050."
The future of Alpine glaciers, ski slopes and hydroelectric plants are at the mercy of milder weather. There is a sense of helplessness because climate change solutions proposed last December would take many decades to have any favourable impact. Quick thaws and fast run-offs are almost impossible to slow down.
Whereas, the article does not identify any solutions, radical and immediate action is required to limit glacial run-off. A couple of ideas:
!. Damming some of the high glacial valleys would conserve cold water flows for electricity generation, and
2. Engineering a film or spray could isolate ice surface from warm winds.

Elsewhere, climate modelers, while blaming greenhouse gases, have trouble accommodating the latest twists of Mother Nature.
"... just one example of the profound influences flowing from changes in the jet stream, a river of air flowing west to east in a sinuous pattern around the northern hemisphere. In recent years, its wavy line has drifted farther north... If we are changing the atmosphere in a way that has not been happening before, with greenhouse gases, then even if we have the tools to make projections based on observations, we won't know how to model for the future."

Again, a pessimistic assessment.
But, there is reason to hope.

Protecting polluting and radioactive energy industries is no longer tolerable when cheap and clean LENR-type power generation is imminent.
All it takes is for alert and informed voters to build consensus leading to political action.



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