Tuesday, June 14, 2016

US Military Taking LENR Seriously

Here are excerpts from the US Armed Services Committee's report on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) Briefing:

"The committee is aware of recent positive developments in developing low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), which produce ultra-clean, low-cost renewable energy that have strong national security implications. For example, according to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), if LENR works it will be a “disruptive technology that could revolutionize energy production and *storage.

The committee is also aware of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) findings that other countries including China and India are moving forward with LENR programs of their own and that Japan has actually created its own investment fund to promote such technology. DIA has also assessed that Japan and Italy are leaders in the field and that Russia, China, Israel, and India are now devoting significant resources to LENR development.

To better understand the national security implications of these developments, the committee directs the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base LENR advancements to the House Committee on Armed Services by September 22, 2016. This briefing should examine the current state of research in the United States, how that compares to work being done internationally, and an assessment of the type of military applications where this technology could potentially be useful."

Politicians, educators and industrial leaders at all levels should be following these LENR developments. E-cat World forum and the LENRIA organization provide timely assessments:

*In regards to LENR and storage, what the military likely sees down the road is less dependence on vulnerable centralized energy production and associated mega-grids. It's not so much about battery breakthroughs as it is about LENR's point-source generation.

On the Israeldefense website is a Hebrew article (of June 17, 2016) referencing co-research with the US on using LENR technology to power battlefield lazers. Perhaps a reader will provide a translation of the applicable paragraph.


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