Saturday, September 14, 2013

Brillouin -LENR 3rd Round Funding

One of the American LENR players makes pitch for 3rd round financing leading to Manufacturer Licencing and Royalty agreements, with production targeted for 2014/2015. Facilitation of low-cost retro-fit of coal and gas-fired power plants (and even some decommissioned nuclear ones) could be the saviour of electricity grids. At the same time, LENR domestic and commercial units give homeowners, industries and commercial entities access to appropriate generating capacity.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Canadian Connection To LENR

As out-door swimming pools in my area start to hybernate for the next eight months, a fellow-Canadian, David J. French, puts the debate over "understood" hot fusion versus "unexplained" cold fusion in perspective. He starts by proposing that the center of our sun's core is composed of low heat-generating embers rather than being a super-heated nuclear reactor. He then compares power production in the dense core of the sun with the production of heat by hot fusion and by cold fusion. This patent atorney's rather long article of September 8, 2013 ( with the statement, "The disparity between the support for hot versus cold fusion is extreme, indeed scandolous."