Saturday, September 17, 2005

Business/Professional Blogs & SEO

To blog is to engage influencers in getting your ball rolling. Your advocacy blog should be more than an easily updated web site since your great idea impacts only if it has agents capable of spreading it through personal networks and support structures. It takes design and planning to flog your blog.
Whatever you're advocating or promoting -whether your blog, your idea, or yourself, never cease finding new clusters of readers.
Whereas, the acronym SEM (search engine marketing) came to the fore with the proliferation of business web sites, it's newer teammate, SEO (search engine optimization) is often associated with business and professional blogs.
In starting LondOnt it was assumed, "build it" with original content and readers will "find it." It was envisioned as a niche site to show-case journalistic skills and to advance progressive civic projects, while shaming some councillors into representing all constituents rather than catering to a special interest. After 9 months, the Pulitizer Prize jury is still out ...and pre-election hype is just starting.
Advocacy blogs would benefit from September tips in blogbusinessworld. The return in investment of time/effort by blogger owner's subtle infomercials is not as easily measured as direct marketing efforts, yet the public relations, referrals and ultimate sales potential of their blogs warrants technical expertise not usually available in small (non-tech) firms and in professional offices; here's a great consultancy opportunity for some under-employed geek. A cheat sheet helps demystify HTML code.
There's a multi-page screed on the blogger site itself showing how to use the SETTINGS Tab to help optimize search engine page rankings.

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