Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Closing the Ring

Middlesex County always cast a wary eye on London's plans for an exclusionary expressway ..and rightly so, since it did nothing for the people of Huron, Middlesex, Oxford and Perth counties. Intersecting their major north/south roads with a 403 extension to Strathroy gives Exeter, Stratford, St. Marys and Wingham greatly improved access to a NAFTA route.
Our midwest cities and towns will only thrive if they cooperate now in promotion of such a high-speed corridor. The region either enhances its NAFTA presence or watches future generations of graduates follow the jobs south.
It is unlikely that an August 2004 letter from the London Development Institute was noticed in the counties. The letter provided ring road estimates of $62 millions for right-of-way purchase and construction estimates of $335 millions. LDI concluded: London can't afford to go it alone on its north expressway and urged the Mayor to improve external links by leading a rally to have the Province sponsor a Regional Transportation Plan.
As the newly self-proclaimed Capital of the Southwest, London should be ready to push the more practical and affordable alternative to the in-city-out-of-city agri-expressway. Indeed, all municipalities have to turn a new leaf ...and focus on connections instead of separations.
An inter-city freeway with ramps at Clark/Airport Rd and at a connected Westdel/Denfield Rd completes the north ring at minimal local expense -and just as importantly, benefits the counties.
Simple and straight-forward, yes, but it takes exceptional resolve to get municipalities to work together for the collective good. Voters will have to persist in e-mailing editors, their Mayors, MPPs and MPs.
Sent to the press in Exeter, St Marys, Strathroy & Stratford in March 2005 ...and appeared in the Lononer Apr 20, 05

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At March 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last thing we need is more roads.

How about improved rail service?

Highways are not the answer with peak oil on the horizon. Truck transportation is not the way of the future.

At March 31, 2005, Blogger jd sweeney said...

First, an apology by blog's host:
The proviso that commentators on this site use their real name got buried in the Poli-blog post. It will be moved up front to the profile side-bar. Future anonymous comments will be deleted.
jd sweeney


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