Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Election Issue # 2 -size

How many does it take to change a bulb in council chambers of Mississauga vs. London?
Mississauga: One to turn the bulb + ten to hold the ladder.
London: One to hold the bulb plus 1.5 dozen to turn the ladder.

Mississauga, with nearly twice London's population, manages well with 11 council members. Ditto for Windsor.

London voters asked for a downsized council at the last election; by a 9-7 recommendation on May 17, members opted for preserving the backward-looking status-quo; full council will decide on June 13th whether to protect their jobs with 19 positions, consider expansion to 14 NIMBY wards, ...or consider a 7-ward re-alignment based on broad commonality of economic interests. In any case, voters capable of envisioning the benefits and possibilities change offers, will note the "status-quo" holdouts or expansionists...and take appropriate action at the 2006 polls.

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