Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Election Issue -Affordable Ring Rd

In an August 25th, 2004 letter to council, the London Development Institute emphasized the city neither needs a peripheral expressway nor can it afford one; it doesn't solve internal or external linkage problems. London Development Institute suggested the city encourage the Province to structure a Regional Transportation Plan ...as in the GTA, the Technology Triangle and the Golden Horseshoe.
In its city-centric drive for an agri-expressway, ring road discussions would involve London/Middlesex horse-trading ...with Perth and Oxford left out entirely. Provincial consultation might occur later.
Is it possible the alternative to a ring road, i.e a trade corridor, is viewed as giving the much smaller centers undue advantage in locating new industries? The Southwest Capital has an insecurity complex if it sees benefit in dealing with Middlesex to salvage a far-out commuter loop, over working with regional partners in lobbying for a provincially financed trade link.
Meanwhile, at the confluence of two freeways, Woodstock is in a position to attract a major auto plant ...rather than a call center. If London dithers much longer, there will be industrial land use on the field where a full 401/403 clover-leaf should go.
City and regional taxpayers take note: A northern inter-city freeway with ramps at Clarke/Airport Rd, Adelaide, Richmond, and at a connected Westdel/Denfield Rd completes a peripheral city road at minimal local expense while benefiting the region.
While others say, "Build the future by building trade corridors," London spins its wheels on a dream expressway far beyond its fiscal and geographic reach.

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